Pacific TPU have both polyester and polyether based high performance TPU. Our resin maintains consistency in injection molding, extrusion, and blowing processes to create quality products in accordance with our customers’ unique specifications. Our product is widely used in a variety of industries: hot melt, cable, wire, fire hose, film, wheel, tube, footwear, mining screen, and seal, among many others.

  •  Polyester based TPU resin  for Extrusion
  •  Polyester based TPU resin  for Injection
  •  Polyester based TPU for Injection
  •  TPU resin for T-DIE
  •  TPU resin for blown film
  •  Polyether based TPU resin
  •  Low Temp.TPU for hot melt adhesive
  •  High Temp TPU for hot melt adhesive